Iryna speaks about her experience taking Smrt IELTS in Vancouver.

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Iryna took two months of Smrt IELTS preparation at the Canadian College of English Language. Many students who are in the last one or two years of their secondary school take an IELTS course to prepare for entrance into university.

Primitive Technology: Wood Ash Insulated Furnace

Adults Construction Creativity Nature
I made a furnace insulated with wood ash to smelt iron in. Furnace insulation stops heat being lost from the walls of a furnace and so increases the heat within the furnace.

Months of the Year | Simple Song for Kids

Kids Education History Life
A fun song and video to learn the months of the year!

Which is better for you: "Real" meat or "fake" meat?

Youth Food Health Human
Explore the differences between farmed meat, plant-based meat, and lab-grown meat, and find out which is best for you and the planet.

Relaxing Birdsong for Sleep and Meditation | Relax With Nature | BBC Earth

Adults Animals Life Nature
Relax and soothe the mind with the sounds of toucans, tanagers, hummingbirds and other spectacular bird species as they take flight in the Atlantic Rainforest.

Hey Duggee | The Yoga Badge | CBeebies

Kids Fun Health Human
It's one of those days. The Squirrels have arrived and they're all a little bit hyped up with bundles of energy. Things are starting to get a bit frantic and Duggee needs to calm them all down. Fortunately, he has his yoga badge.

Otter stealing surfboards and hearts but concerning officials

Youth Animals Life Nature
An internet sensation dubbed Otter 841 has been growing her fan club while officials try to catch her, with no luck so far. She has been seen aggressively approaching surfers and kayakers alike, often hopping on the boards and even biting off a chunk.

Smrt App for Teachers

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What Intensifying Turbulence Means For The Future of Travel | WIRED

Adults Physics Weather
It's not just you—in-flight turbulence really is getting worse.

How To Make Trolls Ice Eggs at Home

Kids Art Creativity Fun
Get ready for a cool and frosty adventure with Trolls! Ever dreamed of creating magical icy eggs with your favourite Trolls characters? It's way easier and way more exciting than you'd ever think!

Mysteries of The Moon | How The Moon Was Formed? | Learn All About The Moon | The Dr. Binocs Show

Youth Education Science Space
The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite. Its diameter is about one-quarter of Earth's, making it the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System and the largest and most massive relative to its parent planet.

How Do We Keep Life's Jenga Tower From Toppling?

Adults History Human Life
Some scientists believe we are in the middle of Earth’s sixth mass extinction: a big, precarious game of Jenga that involves every ecosystem on the planet.

We Have Too Many Puppies!! And We Love Them ALL!

Kids Animals Media
How do you feed five tiny puppies at the same time?! These little pups are too young to even go to foster homes. We'll have to take extra care of them to help them get big — especially after poor little Yellow gets sick!

Long Story Shorts: What is the Biggest Migration on Earth?

Youth Animals Life World
Every day, trillions of animals in the ocean play the biggest game of hide-and-seek … and the losers get eaten. This daily commute is called diel vertical migration, and you’ve probably never heard of it—until now.

Does Fresh Garlic actually taste better than Garlic in a Jar?

Adults Education Film Food
How is garlic grown?

How To Draw An Emoji Folding Surprise With Hearts Inside

Kids Art Creativity Fun
Hey, art friends! Today, Hadley and I have a super special lesson for you. We're learning how to draw an emoji folding surprise with hearts inside!

Importance of Oceans for Kids | Learn why Earth's oceans are so significant

Youth Human Life Nature
We hope you and your student(s) enjoyed learning about the world's beautiful ocean! If you want to learn even more, head over to our website and download one of our many lesson plans about the ocean, full of activities, worksheets, and more!

Wagner talks about his experience studying International Trade at the Canadian College

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Wagner is a Brazilian student who studied the International Trade Diploma at the Canadian College. He received a FITT Diploma which will help him get a better job in Brasil.

How Uber won by messing up | Emil Michael

Adults Cities Design Society
“You’re not punished for failing, you’re punished for not trying.” Former Uber exec Emil Michael on how to truly achieve success.

Down On The Plain | Kids Cowboy Song | Super Simple Songs

Kids Fun Music
Yeehaw! Saddle up for a silly song with Rhymington Square! It's "Down By The Bay", cowboy-style! Down on the plain. Where the tumbleweeds blow. Back to the ranch I dare not go.

In the Operating Room: A While Bengal Tiger Emergency

Youth Animals Health Life
Today is a first for Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. Nia, a 6-year-old white Bengal tiger, is in critical need of surgery. Harley, a therapy puppy for a little girl, has a broken leg that only surgery can fix.