Months of the Year | Simple Song for Kids

Kids Education History Life
A fun song and video to learn the months of the year!

Hey Duggee | The Yoga Badge | CBeebies

Kids Fun Health Human
It's one of those days. The Squirrels have arrived and they're all a little bit hyped up with bundles of energy. Things are starting to get a bit frantic and Duggee needs to calm them all down. Fortunately, he has his yoga badge.

How To Make Trolls Ice Eggs at Home

Kids Art Creativity Fun
Get ready for a cool and frosty adventure with Trolls! Ever dreamed of creating magical icy eggs with your favourite Trolls characters? It's way easier and way more exciting than you'd ever think!

We Have Too Many Puppies!! And We Love Them ALL!

Kids Animals Media
How do you feed five tiny puppies at the same time?! These little pups are too young to even go to foster homes. We'll have to take extra care of them to help them get big — especially after poor little Yellow gets sick!

How To Draw An Emoji Folding Surprise With Hearts Inside

Kids Art Creativity Fun
Hey, art friends! Today, Hadley and I have a super special lesson for you. We're learning how to draw an emoji folding surprise with hearts inside!

Down On The Plain | Kids Cowboy Song | Super Simple Songs

Kids Fun Music
Yeehaw! Saddle up for a silly song with Rhymington Square! It's "Down By The Bay", cowboy-style! Down on the plain. Where the tumbleweeds blow. Back to the ranch I dare not go.

Best EVIL PEA Plots

Kids Education Nature
These are seven best evil Pea plots chosen by Pea herself.

Kylee Makes Art with Friends

Kids Art Education Fun
Today we are doing two of our favorite things: making art and hanging out with friends! Use some amazing tools with Handyman Hal, learn about cartooning with Supr Dee, visit a bike shop with our friend Ben Orcutt, and make some fantastic science art with Dr. Bill!

Things You Wanna Know

Kids Animals Education Life
Are you in search for cool fun facts about our animals, dinosaurs, world, space, bugs, and much more? Then look no further! Here's a fun and exciting new series about some of the best topics ever!

How To Draw A Princess Fairy Panda

Kids Art Education
Hey, art friends! Today, Olivia and I are diving into a world of magic and cuteness. We're learning how to draw a Princess Fairy Panda together!

Master the Letter Z with The Kiboomers' Phonics Song

Kids Education Reading
Welcome to Morning Circle Time with The Kiboomers. This week's lesson focuses on the Letter of the Week - Letter Z! This Letter Z song helps kids learn about alphabet letter sounds, letter formation, lowercase letters and uppercase letters, and words that begin with the letter Z. Enjoy!

Make Your Own Back to School Pencil Case

Kids Creativity Education Fun
Create your own back to school pencil case, watch the video above or follow the instructions below to make a practical and stylish pencil case to store your favourite writing tools.

5 Easy Science Experiments Using Materials You Already Have On Hand

Kids Education Science
Learning about science can sometimes seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be! There are tons of simple science experiments that you can do in your own home.

Try Not To Laugh At These Funny, Cute Animals | Dodo Kids | Animal Videos

Kids Fun Media
These animals are all being wildly silly, and that's why we love them! See a dog obsessed with snow, a mini horse who needs ALL the attention, and a lizard who just wants one little worm, please!

How To Draw An Emoji Folding Surprise With Food Inside

Kids Art Education Fun
Hey, art friends! Today, Austin and I have another awesome folding surprise lesson for you. We're learning how to draw an emoji folding surprise with food inside! When the paper is folded, it just looks like a happy emoji.

CBeebies Bedtime Stories: Zog And The Flying Doctors

Kids Books Reading
Meet the Flying Doctors: Princess Pearl, Sir Gadabout and, of course, their trusty 'air ambulance', Zog the dragon.

Down On The Plain + More | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Kids Education Listening
Rhyme along with Rhymington Square and more of your favorite Super Simple Songs friends!

Kylee Makes Soap

Kids Creativity Experiments How-to Science
Kylee visits a professional soap maker to learn how soap is made...then it's back to the studio to make her own.

Scuba Sam's World

Kids Animals Science
Learn some of the coolest facts about marine wildlife and the ocean as you join Scuba Sam on an aquatic journey and discover the wonders of the underwater world.

How To Draw: A Cool Llama

Kids Art Creativity How-to
This chill llama is the perfect way to celebrate National Sunglasses Day.

Guess I'll Go Eat Worms

Kids Fun Music
Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me (Guess I'll Go Eat Worms) is a silly kids song.