Why Video Games Reduce Anxiety

Youth Gaming Mental Health Science Wellness
Since video games arrived on the scene, people have worried about their addictive nature. Research suggests that it can have major benefits for our mental health.

Computer Skills For Teens: Social Media Etiquette

Youth Education How-to Social Media
Without our usual visual cues, online interactions can sometimes lead to serious miscommunications. Learn a few tips to avoid this.

What Is A Deepfake?

Youth Artificial Intelligence Technology
Newsround has been investigating what a deepfake is, and what they are used for.

The Jaguar Pounce-Off

Youth Animals Fun Nature
Watch Goshi the black jaguar, and her friend, Napo, the golden jaguar as they fight for their favourite food!

Solar Flares 2024

Youth Science Space Weather World
In May 2024, Earth saw a huge increase in extreme geomagnetic storms, leading to some spectacular aurora displays around the world.

Animal News: Loud Fish

Youth Animals Science
Researchers now know how a tiny fish called the Danionella cerebrum makes such a loud noise.

Why Is English Spelling So Weird?

Youth History Language
Explore the evolution of English spelling conventions throughout history, and find out why it's such an inconsistent language.

What Earth In 2050 Could Look Like

Youth Environment Future Global Warming
What could our future world look like if we continue to do nothing about climate change? Take a look at the possibilities.

School Absences

Youth Education Wellness World
There are lots of different reasons children are not going to school. Newsround went to find out more.

Digital Footprints

Youth Cybersecurity How-to
Learn how to manage your digital footprint and keep your personal data away from prying eyes.

Weird Animal Searched: Are Red Pandas Friendly?

Youth Animals How-to Science
Can red pandas eat grapes? Do red pandas attack humans? Why do red pandas stand up? These are just some of the weird and wonderful animal searches our expert answers.

Loud Fish!

Youth Animals Environment Science
Researchers now know how a tiny fish called the Danionella cerebrum makes such a loud noise.

Does Trash Last Forever?

Youth Society World
Are your kids wondering, "Does trash last forever?" This question came from Clementine, a student from the United States.

What Is Earwax?

Youth Biology Human
Explore why earwax forms, its purpose in our health, and whether or not we should be trying to get rid of it.

2024 Solar Eclipse

Youth Science Space
Watch the moment the solar eclipse happened, and hear from some kids who went out to watch it!

Healthy Digital Life Balance

Youth How-to Technology Wellness
In this lesson you'll learn how to add balance between real life and digital life.

Weird Animal Searched: Can Sloths Swim?

Youth Animals Education Humor
Can sloths fart? Can sloths swim? We answer YOUR most commonly searched questions about these slow-moving mammals…

Year Of Camelids

Youth Animals Nature Science
How do camelids support communities in a sustainable way? Watch the video to find out!

Beat Plastic Pollution

Youth Global Warming Science World
It's time to write a new story and #beatplasticpollution!

Ocean Wonders: Slumber In The Sea

Youth Animals Facts Nature
Follow us down into the deep to discover how dozing in the ocean can be more bizarre than your wildest dreams.

King Penguin & Mobility Aids

Youth Animals Science Technology
Researchers are looking at how the birds adapt to walking on different slippery surfaces to help them with their robotics work.