Which is better for you: "Real" meat or "fake" meat?

Youth Food Health Human
Explore the differences between farmed meat, plant-based meat, and lab-grown meat, and find out which is best for you and the planet.

Otter stealing surfboards and hearts but concerning officials

Youth Animals Life Nature
An internet sensation dubbed Otter 841 has been growing her fan club while officials try to catch her, with no luck so far. She has been seen aggressively approaching surfers and kayakers alike, often hopping on the boards and even biting off a chunk.

Mysteries of The Moon | How The Moon Was Formed? | Learn All About The Moon | The Dr. Binocs Show

Youth Education Science Space
The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite. Its diameter is about one-quarter of Earth's, making it the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System and the largest and most massive relative to its parent planet.

Long Story Shorts: What is the Biggest Migration on Earth?

Youth Animals Life World
Every day, trillions of animals in the ocean play the biggest game of hide-and-seek … and the losers get eaten. This daily commute is called diel vertical migration, and you’ve probably never heard of it—until now.

Importance of Oceans for Kids | Learn why Earth's oceans are so significant

Youth Human Life Nature
We hope you and your student(s) enjoyed learning about the world's beautiful ocean! If you want to learn even more, head over to our website and download one of our many lesson plans about the ocean, full of activities, worksheets, and more!

In the Operating Room: A While Bengal Tiger Emergency

Youth Animals Health Life
Today is a first for Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. Nia, a 6-year-old white Bengal tiger, is in critical need of surgery. Harley, a therapy puppy for a little girl, has a broken leg that only surgery can fix.

Unravelling the mystery of tornadoes | CBC Kids News

Youth Education Nature
What is a tornado?

The world's largest carnivorous marsupial | Australia Zoo Life

Youth Animals Life Nature
We welcome two amazing Tasmanian devils into their new habitat and find out a little bit more about these interesting Australian natives.

Forms of Writing - Language Skills 6th for Kids!

Youth Education Writing
We hope you are enjoying our large selection of engaging core & elective K-12 learning videos. New videos are added all the time - make sure you come back often to learn more! If you'd like us to cover any additional topics, please let us know.

Uncovering the Secret Lives of Urban Bats

Youth Animals Life Nature
Bats are notoriously elusive animals, only emerging when the darkness of the night protects them. Join zoologist and wildlife presenter Yussef Rafik as he tries to track down these mysterious mammals.

Can Laughter Reduce Pain?

Youth Human Psychology
Can laughter actually reduce the pain you experience? Tune in and watch this incredible experiment to find out!

Behind the scenes: How zoos care for animals in a heat wave | CBC Kids News

Youth Animals Life
As the summer comes to an end, here’s a look at how the record-breaking heat caused zoos around the world to adapt. From a sanctuary in Pristina, Kosovo, to a zoo in Phoenix, Arizona, zookeepers had to work hard to keep their animals from overheating.

Why is it so hard to break a bad habit?

Youth Human Psychology
Explore the psychology behind how good and bad habits are formed, and get tips on how to manage these behaviors.

Guy Bluford, First African American in Space: 40 Years of Inspiration

Youth History Human Space
In 1983, NASA’s Guy Bluford broke barriers and made history as the first African American astronaut in space. Hear from Bluford himself, see footage from his Space Shuttle missions, and celebrate the milestones that forever changed the landscape of space exploration.

How AI Art Could Enhance Humanity’s Collective Memory | Refik Anadol | TED

Youth Life Nature Technology
With data as his paintbrush, media artist Refik Anadol trains AI algorithms to visualize the disappearing wonders of nature. He gives a beautiful tour of his recent work -- imagery of artificial coral reefs, flowers, rainforests -- and ponders: Can we use AI to preserve our memories of the fading natural world?

Partula Snails

Youth Animals Environment
Learn about these endangered snails.

Relaxing Birdsong for Sleep and Meditation | Relax With Nature | BBC Earth

Youth Animals Listening Nature
Relax and soothe the mind with the sounds of toucans, tanagers, hummingbirds and other spectacular bird species as they take flight in the Atlantic Rainforest.

Do Kangaroos Go To The Gym?

Youth Animals Facts
Theo, the particularly buff kangaroo, may look tough but is a softie at heart. Bindi and Chandler introduce us to Theo and his friends at the Crocodile Hunter Lodge.

Coastal Geohazards

Youth Environment Nature World
Did you know that one geohazard can domino into another, creating a cascade of chaos?

Spy Octopus Helps A New Friend

Youth Animals Science Technology
To avoid predators a coconut octopus needs to think quick but with 9 brains that should be easy...and Spy Octopus is at hand to lend a helping tentacle.

Which Sunscreen Should You Choose?

Youth Health How-to
With so many options, how do you choose which sunscreen is best for you?