Primitive Technology: Making Charcoal in a Closed Pot

Adults Creativity Education Nature
I made charcoal in a clay pot by putting wood in it and heat the pot externally effectively making it like a retort.

Bishop And Grandma

Kids Animals Funny Pets
Bishop Ace is a total sweetie around his mom...but as soon as his grandma visits, watch out!

How Is Climate Change Affecting Whales?

Youth Animals Global Warming World
Scientists have been working with whales in the Atlantic peninsula to study how climate change and overfishing is affecting them.

Dalmatian Puppy Learns to Enjoy Human Contact

Adults Animals Human Nature
Dexter the Dalmatian gets daily massages to help him associate pleasure with the touch and smell of a human. He also meets Irish Setter Molly for the first time, to get used to meeting unfamiliar dogs.

How Skin, Snot, and Cells Keep Us Healthy: Animal Defense Systems: Crash Course Biology #45

Adults Biology Health Human
The world is full of microbes and viruses that can get us sick, but we’ve got an Avengers-style defense system ready to take them on.

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Five Spotted Dogs

Kids Education Math Music
Count down from five!

How To Get Resources

Youth Ecology Food Science
In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about how humans get the resources we need to survive, even though those resources may come from a long way away.

Are you buying the right Coffee Beans?

Adults Film Food Media
Coffee beans are one of the most confusing items to purchase, so over the past several weeks, I bought 20+ different kinds of coffee at different price points, visited a local roaster, tried roasting my own beans at home and tested a bunch of types of coffee in order to understand the flavor and price differences of coffee beans.

The Lightning Capital

Kids Science Weather World
Find out more about Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, also known as The Lightning Capital of The World!

Mapping Better Bike Routes

Youth Cities Construction Technology Transportation
Finding ways for cities to be more sustainable is what Carter Jonas aims to achieve with the help of GIS technology.

How we can revive Planet Earth in less than 20 years

Adults History Nature World
“If given a chance, nature can rebound, and nature can rebound dramatically.” Biologist Sean B. Carroll discusses the resilience of nature and how humans can help it thrive.

Generative A.I - We Aren’t Ready.

Adults Artificial Intelligence Technology World
New generative A.I breakthroughs are happening almost every week, it seems. The big question is; Are we ready for it? Noted Science Zaddy Kyle Hill explains what’s coming, the “dark forest” theory of the internet, and the steps we humans can take to pass the “Reverse Turing Test.”

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How To Draw: Funny Dragon Fruit

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Follow along with me and learn how to draw a funny dragon fruit cartoon! This is a fun lesson to change the face and really make it unique.

Let's Understand Wildfires

Youth Education History Weather
Learn about an Indigenous practice using prescribed burns that fire officials use to fight out-of-control fires.

The Science of Going Viral

Adults Life Media Technology
When we say a meme goes “viral,” we aren't actually saying it's making people sick. But the math behind a meme’s spread suggests it's actually a pretty spot-on analogy.

We Are Making a VIDEO GAME

Adults Gaming Human Technology
The universe is a fascinating yet unexplored place – it's about time to change that!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Kids Books Fun Reading
This video is based on a book, ideal for teaching colours and animals to young learners.

Fresh Water Problems

Youth Environment Science World
In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about ecosystems and how one small change can lead to a cascade effect in the entire ecosystem.

The Science of Emotions with Tony Hale

Adults Health Human Psychology
Emotions, please take center stage 🌟 Our friend Tony Hale is in our signature National Geographic yellow chair to chat with Dr. Lisa Damour about the science of emotions.