Breathe In And Out

Youth How-to Self Wellness
Take a few moments out of your busy day with a breathing exercise.

Why It Was Almost Impossible to Make the Blue LED

Adults History Science Technology
The blue LED was supposed to be impossible—until a young engineer proposed a moonshot idea.

Your Immune System

Kids Biology Health Science
Watch the video to learn how our immune system works and what are the three types of immunity that protect us each and every day.

Why Do We Get Goosebumps?

Youth Biology Human Science
We've all been there when it gets a bit chilly and you end up with goosebumps. But have you ever wondered why and how we get them?

Psychiatrists Can't Agree About This New Disorder

Adults Health Human Psychology
Prolonged grief disorder recently debuted in both of the two manuals that clinicians use to diagnose psychological conditions. But the DSM and the ICD don't completely agree on what it is.

How To Draw: Snowboarding Snowman

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Today, we're learning how to draw a cute snowman (or should we say snowperson) snowboarding.

Why Do Reindeer Eyes Change Colour?

Youth Animals Facts Science
Reindeer eyes have the remarkable ability to change colour throughout the year. Dr. Natalie Cooper tells us more.

Experiencing the Rich History and Food of Canada's Season of Bounty

Adults Film Food Media
Nat Geo Photographer Matthieu Paley heads to the Maritime Provinces and Quebec in Canada during the season of bounty to connect with the land and rich history through people and food.

Polar Bear Hokey Pokey

Kids Fun Movement Music
Join the Fun with the Polar Bear Hokey Pokey! Watch as these adorable kids put their paws in and shake it all about.

How Do We Keep Life's Jenga Tower From Toppling?

Youth Ecology Nature World
In this episode of Crash Course Biology, we’ll see how conservation biology aims to restore habitat and preserve biodiversity.

Jamie's Hug in a Mug | Microwave Mug Cake | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
Something different for the new year, a delicious dessert bigging up the microwave; this is my very own homemade mug cake, cooked in minutes!

Follow Smrt on Facebook

Adults Smrt Ad Social Media
If you’re not already following us on Facebook, maybe it’s time to start. Follow us on Facebook for Smrt updates, events, contests, tips, FAQ's and EdTech related posts.

Plant Your Pants?!?

Youth How-to Nature Science
Shanequa went to meet some young science investigators to find out how a big pair of pants has been used for an experiment to check the quality of soil at a farm.

Do Gut Microbes Control Your Personality? | Kathleen McAuliffe | TED

Adults Biology Health Human
Biologist Kathleen McAuliffe dives into new research that suggests certain bacteria in your gut can influence major parts of who you are, from your personality to life-changing neurological disorders.

The Rainiest Place On Earth

Adults Science Weather
Huge thanks to Okouchi-San and Dr. Sakai and everyone at NIED and the Large Scale Rainfall Simulator for their time, expertise and access to this amazing facility.

The Best Seat

Kids Books Reading Relationships
The Best Seat is a story of an unlikely duo finding common ground, learning to share, and forging a new friendship through shared experiences.


Youth Facts Food Health
The goal for today is to describe the role of macronutrients and identify some of the healthiest sources for each.