New Smrt App

Adults Smrt Ad
Introducing the new Smrt mobile app, aimed at enhancing English Language learning for teachers and students while working in sync with the Smrt website application.

How Fitness Trackers Work

Kids Design Movement Technology
Kamri Noel wants to know: How do fitness trackers tell how many steps you’ve taken?

Your Tattoo is INSIDE Your Immune System. Literally

Adults Art Human Science
Your tattoos are inside your immune system, literally. With each very tasteful piece of art, you kick start a drama with millions of deaths, grand sacrifices and your immune system stepping in to protect you from yourself.

Why Are Frogs So Colourful?

Kids Animals Nature Science
Join Squeaks as he learns about some of the most colourful animals ever: poison dart frogs!

COP28: Climate Summit Updates

Youth Environment Global Warming World
For the first time a new deal to reduce the use of fossil fuels has been agreed by all countries at the UN climate summit, COP28 in Dubai. Watch to find out more.

Buried Secrets of the Bible with Albert Lin: Sodom & Gomorrah

Adults History Human World
Albert Lin reveals real events behind the epic biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Best Animal Friends: Horses & Company

Kids Animals Pets Relationships
Join us to see if some shy horses can find their best friends and if Remy the dog can win over his new horse buddy.

Christmas Leftover Salad | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
I've teamed up with Tesco to bring you deliciously healthy dishes that help you to reduce your food waste.

Fun Brain Breaks

Kids Fun Movement Music
Join the Kiboomers as they lead you through a series of energetic brain breaks that will get your little ones up and moving.

Mindful Moment: Kindness Affirmation

Youth Health Self Wellness
Follow along with Teacher Joel's voice in this 3-minute mindfulness practice that centres on kindness.

Why AI Will Spark Exponential Economic Growth | Cathie Wood | TED

Adults History Human Technology
Investor Cathie Wood explores this unique moment in technology, which she sees as being marked by the simultaneous evolution of five pivotal innovation platforms — a scenario unparalleled in history.

Dream in English - Canadian College of English Language

Adults Smrt Ad
Study English at the Canadian College of English Language in Vancouver, Canada. For more information contact our team.

The Magic Finger: Part 3

Youth Books Reading Relationships
In part 3 the Greggs learn how to live with their transformation.

What The Prisoner's Dilemma Reveals About Life, The Universe, and Everything

Adults Education Psychology Science
This is a video about the most famous problem in Game Theory, the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

How To Draw: Winter Penguin

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Olivia and I are learning how to draw a penguin all dressed up for winter.

Ancient History: India (Gupta Dynasty)

Youth History Human World
Take a quick dive into the history of ancient India's Gupta Dynasty.

Sir David Attenborough on the Planet Earth series | Planet Earth III | BBC Earth

Adults Animals Life Nature
Over the past two decades, Sir David Attenborough has travelled to the furthest corners of our planet. He reflects upon the incredible animals and habitats he has seen, and what the future could hold – for both us and them.