Kids Environment Weather World
If you think it's cold outside where you are, you should try living in the coldest place on Earth: Antarctica! Learn why it's a desert even though it's very cold, and about awesome animals like seals and penguins.

CES 2024 Gadgets

Youth Future Gadgets Technology
The Consumer Electrics Show (CES) is one of the biggest tech events in the world with big brands showing off their latest gadgets and inventions.

Inside The Sunny Center of a Hurricane

Adults Life Nature Weather
To learn more about how Florida International University is revolutionizing what we know about hurricanes, visit Why is the middle of a hurricane sometimes so clear and calm?

Rescuing A Chicken In A Snowstorm

Kids Animals Health Relationships Weather
David had been a weatherman for a long time, but this was the first time he had seen a chicken lost in a snowstorm.

Intro To Nutrition

Youth Biology Health Wellness
The goal for today's lesson is to explain the role of nutrition in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Did The Future Already Happen? - The Paradox of Time

Adults Education Science Self
Is your future already written? Do your past, present, and future all exist right now? Surprisingly, the answer could be yes.

Raja Ampat: The Last Stronghold of Healthy Coral Reefs | National Geographic

Adults Life Nature World
Paid content for @Prada. Coral reefs are often described as the rainforests of the seas, and for good reason.

ABC Quack

Kids Animals Music Reading
ABC Quack a silly ABC song that is great for alphabet recognition and review.

The Science Of Snowflakes

Youth Environment Science Weather
Join us for a festive deep dive into the wonderful world of snowflakes voiced by Professor Brian Cox.

Gennaro's Tagliatelle Alfredo

Adults Family Film Food
Gather round everyone, Gennaro's back with another classic... tagliatelle Alfredo! Rich, creamy, and topped with parmesan, the dish is as beautiful as it is simple. Bellissimo!

The Gruffalo

Kids Books Fun Reading
The Gruffalo is a British children's book that tells the story of a mouse, taking a walk in the woods.

The Magic Finger: Part 5

Youth Books Reading Relationships
This is the final part and resolves the story. Watch to find out what happens to the Greggs and the ducks.

Wagner talks about his experience studying International Trade at the Canadian College

Adults Smrt Ad
Wagner is a Brazilian student who studied the International Trade Diploma at the Canadian College. He received a FITT Diploma which will help him get a better job in Brasil.

How To Draw: Uranus

Kids Art Creativity How-to Space
Today, in this easy drawing video for kids, see how to draw the planet Uranus and how to write out the letters.

Ancient History: India (Maurya Empire)

Youth History Human World
Take a quick dive into the history of ancient India's Maurya Empire.

Why We Need To Teach Astronomy

Adults Education Human Science
People don’t understand the scale of the Universe.

Let's Engineer A Gingerbread Fort

Kids Construction Food Science
Jessi and Squeaks enjoy the winter season by constructing a model of the Fort out of gingerbread.