Good Morning It's Such A Beautiful Day

Kids Fun Music
Greet the day with this lovely song that provides everyone an opportunity to say "good morning"!

Does Trash Last Forever?

Youth Society World
Are your kids wondering, "Does trash last forever?" This question came from Clementine, a student from the United States.


Kids Animals Books Reading
Join American actor Jenna Fischer in her book read of 'Charades'.

What Is Earwax?

Youth Biology Human
Explore why earwax forms, its purpose in our health, and whether or not we should be trying to get rid of it.

Real-Life Spider Shoots Web 25 Metres Long!

Adults Animals Life Nature
Which marvel of nature can build a 25m orb web with a silk that ranks as the world's toughest natural fibre? The answer is the Darwin's bark spider.

Crash Course Art History Preview

Adults Art Education History
Welcome to Crash Course Art History! Over the next 22 episodes, Sarah Urist Green will explore the hidden stories behind artworks.

Wagner writes about how the he worked and studied in Vancouver

Adults Smrt Ad
"The hospitality program of the Canadian College opened the door for my future in the industry. The Diploma program enabled me not only to study but also work in relevant field. College classes complemented my previous study acquired in Brazil. I could always enlist the help of all faculty and staff of the College." Wagner (Hospitality Management)

2024 Solar Eclipse

Youth Science Space
Watch the moment the solar eclipse happened, and hear from some kids who went out to watch it!

Can you actually taste a difference between Onions?

Adults Film Food Media
What is the Flavor of Onions?

Brian Cox on quantum computing and black hole physics

Adults Physics Science Technology
“You’re not meant to understand what I just said, because I don’t understand what I just said…” Physicist Brian Cox on one of the most complex theories in space science.

Seven Days Of The Week

Kids Fun Music
Perfect for kids, this song will have them singing along while learning the days of the week.

Healthy Digital Life Balance

Youth How-to Technology Wellness
In this lesson you'll learn how to add balance between real life and digital life.

Txt in English - Canadian College of English Language

Adults Smrt Ad
Study English at the Canadian College of English Language in Vancouver, Canada. For more information contact our team.

Little Sock

Kids Books Reading Wellness
Follow Little Sock on this adorable journey about bravery and aspiration.

Weird Animal Searched: Can Sloths Swim?

Youth Animals Education Humor
Can sloths fart? Can sloths swim? We answer YOUR most commonly searched questions about these slow-moving mammals…

Why the Hardest Rocks Can Be Easy to Break

Adults Education Math Physics
So, rocks are hard. But the scale we use to rank them, the Mohs scale, is only really good at quantifying that for one kind of hardness, and topaz is a perfect stone to talk about to explain that. And you can check it out in our SciShow Rocks Box subscription!

This person isn't actually screaming - Noah Charney

Adults Art History Human
Explore Edvard Munch’s masterpiece “The Scream,” and find out why this artwork became one of the world’s most famous paintings.