Mindful Moment: Kindness Affirmation

Youth Health Self Wellness
Follow along with Teacher Joel's voice in this 3-minute mindfulness practice that centres on kindness.

Why AI Will Spark Exponential Economic Growth | Cathie Wood | TED

Adults History Human Technology
Investor Cathie Wood explores this unique moment in technology, which she sees as being marked by the simultaneous evolution of five pivotal innovation platforms — a scenario unparalleled in history.

The Pigeon HAS To Go To School

Kids Books Humor Reading
Why does the Pigeon have to go to school? He already knows everything! And what if he doesn't like it?

The Magic Finger: Part 3

Youth Books Reading Relationships
In part 3 the Greggs learn how to live with their transformation.

What The Prisoner's Dilemma Reveals About Life, The Universe, and Everything

Adults Education Psychology Science
This is a video about the most famous problem in Game Theory, the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

How To Draw: Winter Penguin

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Olivia and I are learning how to draw a penguin all dressed up for winter.

Ancient History: India (Gupta Dynasty)

Youth History Human World
Take a quick dive into the history of ancient India's Gupta Dynasty.

Why Does Peppermint Taste So Cold?

Kids Food Nature Science
Jessi and Squeaks explore why peppermint candies, and mint plants in general, make your mouth feel cold.

Changes To Animal Rights In 2023

Youth Animals Equality World
Press play for a quick roundup of some of the biggest developments from this year for animal rights.

A Tour of the Cell: Crash Course Biology #23

Adults Biology Education Human
The cell is the basic unit of life, and our understanding of it has advanced as science, and the tools available to scientists, has advanced.

Scared Rescue Kitten

Kids Animals Health Relationships
Bastet was found sacred and hurt but is on the road to recovery thanks to her rescuers.

Financial Literacy: Sales Tax

Youth Education How-to Personal Finance
Learn what this is and where it is used.

Discover in English - Canadian College of English Language

Adults Smrt Ad
Study English at the Canadian College of English Language in Vancouver, Canada. For more information contact our team.

We're Going To The Reindeer Games

Kids Animals Fun Music
Meet the players of the Reindeer Games: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen!

Figure Eight Breathing

Youth How-to Self Wellness
Figure 8 breathing is an effective strategy for reducing stress and anxiety, helping you to slow down and focus.

The #1 antidote to aging | Daniel Lieberman, Morgan Levine & more

Adults Health Human Life
5 health experts, including Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman, share the exact ways exercise can lead to a healthier lifespan.

Too Much Glue

Kids Art Books Reading
An artistic story about a little boy that just loves his glue! Now, what could go wrong with that? Listen to find out how his friends help out.