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Planning For Post Covid Future


Planning For Post Covid Future

The pandemic has catapulted educators and students into a form of digital-based learning. What was once considered by many to be futurist and available only to the rich has become mainstream with remote classes. Aids and like access to technology, wifi, and training as in the significant teacher and student technology training in the use of computers and digital curricula have been swift and long term.

Governments and the public have now spent the funds needed on equipment and training previously unthought of. Now is the time to make future plans, one and five-year initiatives to keep the momentum moving toward a vision of excellence in language learning based on the experiences gained during the past year.

The stage is set for technology to play a significant role in language learning and it is up to teachers and school administration to strategize for a future that empowers both teachers and students. A future that builds upon the skills and knowledge they have all worked so hard to obtain.

English 130b Course Update

The advanced 130 adult course has now been updated with its audio features and can be found in the library. The earlier release was limited due to Covid and now the course audio has been loaded into lessons, exercises, and assessments as needed.

This course is still in beta testing mode for now and anyone interested in experiencing this course can contact us at Smrt to get you and your class setup.

Quick Tip - Use Google Incognito To Solve Access Issues

Families are sharing devices at home now. Using Google Chrome and Incognito can solve login issues before they happen.

Encourage users to click on Google Incognito before they log in to their Smrt school website to ensure they have the correct email logged in and access to their class material.