Smrt Sustainability Projects

Smrt English assists teachers in schools in poor and struggling areas of the world for the purposes of helping children learn English who otherwise couldn’t.

Hope for Youth Project (Japan)

Hope for Youth project joint initiative between Canadian Embassy Tokyo, Languages Canada, and Canadian College of English Language. Scholarship program for students from tsunami area.

Kul Kul Connection (Indonesia)

The Kul Kul Connection, an outreach program of the Green School in Bali, partners with Smrt English to deliver English classes to village children in Bali. Plans for growth, and ultimately reaching all children under 15yrs in the area, requires more teachers and resources.

Maidan Students (Ukraine)

15 students who participated in the Maidan Square uprising received scholarships to attend an 8-week English course at CCEL summer 2014. Developed in conjunction with OWL Vancouver the program enabled the students to regain their strength, re-evaluate their vision and to return to Ukraine with skills and perspective that would strengthen their ability to achieve their goals and succeed in future study programs and careers.