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New Smrt App for Students and Teachers

The Smrt mobile app provides a robust platform for English language learning, streamlining lesson navigation, interactive assignments, and comprehensive assessments for both teachers and students. It incorporates features for managing students, course navigation, easy assignment sharing, and controlling assessments, thereby promoting an efficient, engaging, and interactive educational experience.

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Professional Development

Conversation and Discussion Ideas for the Modern Classroom

Engaging students in classroom conversations and discussions is crucial for promoting critical thinking and developing communication skills. However, finding the right topics and strategies to encourage participation can be challenging. With the help of Smrt English, an innovative platform for language learning, teachers can access a range of materials and tools to support classroom conversations and discussions.

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Industry Trends

Anticipating the Future of English Education in 2023

The Future of English Education Amidst Technological Advancements and Curriculum Changes.

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How to Streamline Your LMS and Admin Duties

As an administrator of a school, you have a lot of responsibilities. Managing the Learning Management System (LMS) and other administrative duties can be overwhelming, but with the help of Smrt Admin, you can streamline your tasks and make your job easier. Smrt Admin offers a full dashboard of tools to improve day-to-day tasks like placement testing and sorting into classes, material selection, class changes, professor changes, and reviewing student attendance and progress.

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