Who Said Moo?

Kids Animals Books Reading
Follow along with Red Rooster, while he learns all the sounds the farm animals make. And, see if he will ever discover “who said moo?”

What's The Smallest Animal On Earth?

Youth Animals Education Science
Are you wondering: What's the smallest animal on Earth? This question came from Brady, a student from Canada.

Why Climbers Trust Rubber With Their Lives

Adults Education Life Science
Why is rubber so “sticky”? Why does rubber consistently have one of the highest coefficients of friction?

Benito The Giraffe

Kids Animals Environment Health
Benito the giraffe went on quite a journey across Mexico, from Central Park in Ciudad Juárez to Africam Safari Park in Puebla.

Why Are Hermit Crabs Living In Trash?

Youth Animals Environment How-to
It turns out, people are taking too many shells from the beaches, so crabs have to find beach trash to use instead.

Why Does Everything Decay Into Lead

Adults Education History Science
If you look at a copy of the periodic table, you might notice that basically every element after lead is labelled as radioactive.

Chandigarh a perfectly planned city?

Adults Construction Creativity History
Explore the construction of the futurist city Chandigarh, a project of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and planned by Le Corbusier.

Saint Patrick's Day Freeze Dance

Kids Fun Movement Music
Get ready for some St. Patrick's Day fun! Join in on the freeze dance game and see if you can keep up when the Leprechaun says freeze.

Are We Made Of Stardust?

Youth Facts Science Space
Our planetary scientist Dr Ashley King reveals how the big bang, stars and supernovas helped make life possible.

Weird Things Animals Do During Eclipses

Adults Animals Science Space
For centuries, humans have reported animals freaking out during solar eclipses, like birds falling from the sky and bees hiding in their hives, but the animals most affected by eclipses might be us.

Join the Smrt Alumni at LinkedIn.

Adults Smrt Ad Social Media
You can now join the Smrt Alumni at LinkedIn by adding "Smrt English" to your LinkedIn Profile under education. Or if you are a teacher you can add Smrt under your experience.

Let's Get Our Eyes Checked

Kids Health Self Wellness
Come along with Caitie as she gets her eyes checked at the optometrist's office - that's a fancy word for eye doctor!

What You Need To Know About Europa

Youth Science Space World
Exploring this ocean world with our Europa Clipper spacecraft could provide new clues in our search for life beyond Earth.

Did The Future Already Happen? - The Paradox of Time

Adults Creativity Education Science
Is your future already written? Do your past, present, and future all exist right now? Surprisingly, the answer could be yes.

Alex Honnold Rappels The Moulin

Adults Human Travel World
Climber Alex Honnold and glaciologist Heidi Sevestre descend deep into a Moulin: a deep verticial river going tens of meters into the glacier itself.

Saber-Toothed Smilodon

Kids Animals History Nature
Smilodon the saber-toothed cat had really big teeth! Join Jessi and Squeaks and learn all about how fossils can tell us how these Ice Age animals lived.

Has The Amelia Earhart Mystery Been Solved?

Youth History Media Women
It's one of history's famous mysteries. What happened to a legendary and record breaking pilot who vanished on a epic mission.

Jamie in Marseille | Libala Restaurant | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
Join me as I visit Libala restaurant in Marseille and try their amazing burger!

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6 Tips on Being a Successful Entrepreneur | John Mullins | TED

Adults Education Human Life
Sometimes, you need to break the rules to innovate — but which ones? Entrepreneurship professor John Mullins shares six counter-conventional mindsets for entrepreneurs looking to think strategically, navigate challenges and change the world.

The Opposite Song

Kids Fun Language Music
This is The Opposite Song! It might be short, it might long! Learn about opposites in this fun video.