Animated Earth Stories

Kids Books Reading World
When Earth gets a bit lonely, it decides to visit its friends in the solar system.

Ocean Wonders: Aging In The Abyss

Youth Biology Nature World
Join us as we take a look at what it’s like to grow old in the ocean.

Primitive Technology: One-Way Blower Iron Smelt & Forging Experiment

Adults Construction Creativity Education
I tested the one-way spinning blower in an iron smelt and it is more effective than the previous both way spinning blower.

Musk Oxen Vs Arctic Wolves | Animal Super Parents | BBC Earth

Adults Animals Life Nature
In the Arctic tundra, a herd of musk ox are up against a pack of hungry wolves. Will the parents successfully protect their calves from the predators?

The Rainiest Places On Earth

Kids Nature Weather World
In this episode of SciShow Kids, Jessi and Squeaks learn about places with record-breaking rainfall.

The Village With a Bird Problem

Youth Animals Nature
They say it's lucky to be pooped on by a bird, but people living in a village in Lincolnshire aren't feeling very lucky...

Cardiologist Answers Heart Questions From Twitter

Adults Education Health Human
Cardiologist Dr. Sunil Rao answers your questions about the heart from Twitter. How do you measure your maximum heart rate?

Our Instruction Manual for Existing

Adults Biology History Human
Your DNA contains all the instructions your body needs to function. In this episode of Crash Course Biology, we’ll figure out what this giant instruction manual looks like and how this three-billion-letter code gets copied into your trillions of cells through DNA replication.

Alberto writes about his experience taking IT at the Canadian College

Adults Smrt Ad
"Once you complete the IT program you receive certificates from Cisco, CompTIA and Redhat which help a lot in the job market today. Canadian College gave me great support in finding employment. I could also experience a new style of learning." Alberto (Information Technology)

One Potato, Two Potato

Kids Fun Math Music
Get counting with potatoes?!

Mindfulness: Let's Unwind

Youth Health How-to Wellness
Practice unwinding your body and thoughts so you feel relaxed and happy inside and out.

Is Caviar a scam?

Adults Film Food Fun
Does caviar actually taste good or is it only popular because of it's status as a luxury product? In this video, we find out.

DIY Pom Pom Launcher

Kids Experiments How-to Science
Get ready for an explosion of fun with our DIY Pom Pom Launcher! This isn't just a craft; it's a thrilling experience that will keep you engaged and excited.

Meet Our Biggest Snake

Youth Animals Ecology Nature
Alimah is an icon of Australia Zoo, with many returning guests ensuring to stop by his home...but it's not everyday we get to meet him so up close! In an exciting moment, the reptiles crew are measuring Alimah for the first time in years.

Unlearn junk marketing, build a dynasty | Gary Vaynerchuk for Big Think+

Adults Business Internet Culture Media
Gary Vaynerchuk, the entrepreneurial force behind VaynerMedia and VeeFriends, explores the critical missteps businesses make in connecting with their customers, primarily their failure to adapt to consumer needs and their reliance on yesterday’s strategies.

Generative A.I - We Aren’t Ready.

Adults History Science Technology
New generative A.I breakthroughs are happening almost every week, it seems.

Maidan Square Uprising Students - Smrt Scholarship Program

Adults Smrt Ad
15 students who participated in the Maidan Square uprising received scholarships to attend an 8 week English course at the Canadian College of English Language summer 2014.

How To Draw: Cartoon Pear

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Dive into this fun and simple lesson, perfect for kids of all ages as we learn to draw a funny cartoon pear.

Arctic Polar Vortex

Youth Facts Weather World
Check out this cool video all about the polar vortex! Learn what it is, how it forms and why it's important.

We're Probably Going to Cure MS

Adults Health History Science
You've probably heard of multiple sclerosis, especially if you're a fan of The West Wing. But can we ever cure MS? Yes. But also, no. But also, probably? It's complicated.

How humanity got hooked on coffee - Jonathan Morris

Adults Food History Human
Trace the history of coffee, from its first known origins to its rise in popularity due to trade routes and cultivation.