I will read

  • hobby
  • hobbies
  • ball
  • games
  • fun
  • she
  • he
  • dance
  • sing
  • cool
  • team
  • coach
  • friend
  • photo
  • camera

What can you see?

This is Mia.

She loves ballet.

It is her hobby.

Mia has ballet shoes.

Her shoes are pink.

She can dance.

Sam is Mia's friend.

Sam can dance.

Sam loves to dance.

Sam has dance shoes.

Her shoes are blue.

She can dance well.

This is Dan.

He loves soccer.

It is his hobby.

Dan has a soccer ball.

It is black and white.

He can kick the ball.

This is Mr. Liong.

He is a coach.

He helps the team.

Rin likes games.

It is his hobby.

It is fun.

Lin likes to sing.

She is good at singing.

She can sing well.

Cali has a camera.

She takes photos.

This is a nice photo.

This is Pip.

Her hobby is food.

She loves food.

Hobbies are fun.

Hobbies are cool.

What are your hobbies?