I will read

  • ballet
  • all
  • day
  • shoes
  • soft
  • shiny
  • strong
  • spin
  • twirl
  • laugh
  • leap
  • here
  • there
  • night
  • dances

What can you see?

I love ballet.

It is my hobby.

I dance all day.

I have ballet shoes.

They are pink.

They are soft.

Kay loves ballet.

It is her hobby.

She dances all day.

Kay has ballet shoes.

They are purple.

They are shiny.

Mick loves ballet.

It is his hobby.

He dances all day.

Mick has ballet shoes.

They are orange.

They are strong.

We love ballet.

We spin and spin.

We dance and dance.

We leap and leap.

We twirl and twirl.

We laugh and laugh.

We dance here.

We dance there.

We dance a lot.

We dance up.

We dance down.

We dance a lot.

We dance all day.

We dance all night.

We dance a lot.

Ballet is cool.

Ballet is fun.

Ballet is our hobby.