I will read

  • tennis
  • play
  • plays
  • racquet
  • ball
  • net
  • her
  • his
  • our
  • have
  • cute
  • fun
  • cool
  • love
  • loves

What can you see?

I love tennis.

It is my hobby.

I play with my friend.

I have a racquet.

It is blue.

It is cool.

June loves tennis.

It is her hobby.

She plays with me.

June has a racquet.

It is pink.

It is cute.

Rio loves tennis.

It is his hobby.

He plays with me.

Rio has a racquet.

It is purple.

It is fun.

This is a tennis ball.

It is green.

It is round.

This is a tennis net.

It is black.

It is long.

We love tennis.

We play and play.

We run and run.

We chase and chase.

We hit and hit.

We jump and jump.

We play in the sun.

We play in the snow.

We play in the rain.

Tennis is fun.

Tennis is cool.

Tennis is our hobby.