Where Did My Colour Go?

Kids Fun Nature
Where is Baby Shark's colour?

Persuasive Writing for Kids: Brainstorming Topics

Youth Grammar How-to Writing
The first step is to brainstorm topic ideas. Watch this video to help you get started.

How to stop wasting bread | Save with Jamie

Adults Family Film Food
You don't need to throw away your stale bread! I've got a few tips and tricks to stop you wasting food.

Valentina speaks about her experience studying in Vancouver

Adults Smrt Ad
Valentina speaks about how she took the Smrt IELTS program at the Canadian College of English Language and how much she loves Vancouver.

Canada: Waterfall

Kids Travel World
One of the natural wonders of the world.

Artemis I: We Are Capable

Youth Future Space
NASA’s Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft stand ready to usher in a new chapter of exploration.

The Last Human – A Glimpse Into The Far Future

Adults Future History Human
Because of the potential size of the future, the most important thing about our actions today might be their impact on future generations.

Photo Challenge: Filters

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Take photos with a twist and create mysterious reflections using sweet wrappers or other items from your home!

What's The Best Country To Live In?

Youth Wellness World
Discover the shortcomings of using GDP to measure a country’s well-being, and what alternatives can be used to gauge quality of life.

Kodak Film

Adults Construction Creativity Education
The Incredible Way Kodak Makes Film

Unpoppable Bubbles!

Kids Experiments Science
Jessi and Squeaks play with bubbles and learn how to make some that take a really long time to pop!

Brian Cox Explains Quantum Mechanics In 60 seconds

Youth Education Science
British physicist Brian Cox explains the rules of quantum mechanics in just a minute.

Lungs Are Great, But They Have One Weakness...

Adults Biology Health Human
Our respiratory systems do a great job of protecting us, but they are no match for the smallest pollution particles created by the modern world.

Turbo The Dog

Kids Animals Technology
Turbo the dog was born without front legs. His rescuer found a way to get Turbo moving again: a special wheelchair, just for dogs!

Otters (Big 5: Scotland)

Youth Animals Education World
Hannah Stitfall is on the Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland, in search of otters. Can she get a photo of this elusive aquatic mammal?

The true cost of gold - Lyla Latif

Adults Economy Industry Life
Dig into how foreign corporations exploit African nations like Mali for their gold mining, and often rob them of proper compensation.

Wagner writes about how the he worked and studied in Vancouver

Adults Smrt Ad
"The hospitality program of the Canadian College opened the door for my future in the industry. The Diploma program enabled me not only to study but also work in relevant field. College classes complemented my previous study acquired in Brazil. I could always enlist the help of all faculty and staff of the College." Wagner (Hospitality Management)

Crawl Like A Caterpillar

Kids Movement Music
This is a gentle movement song to start the day.

Persuasive Writing for Kids: What is It?

Youth Grammar Writing
Watch this video to find out the basics of persuasive writing.

The Riddle That Seems Impossible Even If You Know The Answer

Adults Education Math Science
The 100 Prisoners Riddle feels completely impossible even once you know the answer. This video is sponsored by Brilliant.

Txt in English - Canadian College of English Language

Adults Smrt Ad
Study English at the Canadian College of English Language in Vancouver, Canada. For more information contact our team.