Puma Risks Life to Hunt | Dynasties II | BBC Earth

Adults Animals Life Nature
Pumas are masters of stealth, and they have to be. Making a wrong move when hunting a fully-grown guanaco can be a fatal mistake.

Discovering Dolphins

Kids Animals Nature
Dolphins are acrobats of the sea and are surprisingly similar to humans.

Close Shark Encounter - Shark Ambassadors

Youth Animals Ecology Education
Meet Debra and Vincent Canabal from Epic Diving, when they talk about their approach to shark diving at the world famous Tigerbeach.

The Territory | Official Trailer | National Geographic Documentary Films

Adults Human Life Nature
he Territory, from director Alex Pritz, provides an immersive on-the-ground look at the tireless fight of the Indigenous Uru-eu-wau-wau people against the encroaching deforestation brought by farmers and illegal settlers in the Brazilian Amazon.

How are You Today? #1

Kids Fun Music
"How are You Today? #1" is a simple song to teach feelings.

Fact Or Opinion?

Youth Education Writing
This video teaches children the difference between fact and opinion.

Building Modern Villa House

Adults Construction Creativity Human
14 Days Building Modern Villa House With Lighting Decoration In Private Room

Alberto writes about his experience taking IT at the Canadian College

Adults Smrt Ad
"Once you complete the IT program you receive certificates from Cisco, CompTIA and Redhat which help a lot in the job market today. Canadian College gave me great support in finding employment. I could also experience a new style of learning." Alberto (Information Technology)

Turkey: Hot Air Balloons

Kids Travel World
We're soaring to new heights. Discover the world with Travel Kids.

How DNA Reveals Vikings Never Left Scotland

Youth History World
Vikings conquered many of Scotland's islands, as well as the mainland, in the 8th and 9th Centuries. They came, they conquered, they left, or so the story seemed to go.

One-Pan Herby Green Rice and Fish | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
I want to give you a recipe that is going to bring you some, love, excitement and colour to your weekly cook.

Melted Crayon Butterfly Craft

Kids Art Creativity
Here is a fun, creative craft to help little ones explore symmetry!

"Starry Night" LEGO set with MoMA staff

Youth Art Technology
MoMA staff dive into the new LEGO "Starry Night" set, and share their personal reflections, research, and details about the painting's creation and impact.

Change Your Life – One Tiny Step at a Time

Adults Education Environment Life
Change Your Life – One Tiny Step at a Time

Wiggly Gelatin Treats!

Kids Food Science
Mister Brown and Squeaks learn all about gelatin, and investigate if it is a liquid or a solid!

Video Lab: Magnetic Forces

Youth Education Science
Magnets are objects with magnetic properties.

Synchronous Fireflies

Adults Education Life Nature
Seeing a sparkling carpet of fireflies in your backyard can be a magical experience.

Maidan Square Uprising Students - Smrt Scholarship Program

Adults Smrt Ad
15 students who participated in the Maidan Square uprising received scholarships to attend an 8 week English course at the Canadian College of English Language summer 2014.

Rescuing a Baby Kangaroo

Kids Animals Nature
Jack saves the life of an adorable baby kangaroo and releases a grown wallaby back into the wild.

David Attenborough's "Extraordinary" Waterproof Plan

Youth Nature Science
David Attenborough takes us into London's man-made rainforest at Kew Gardens - there, he finds a plant with a special adaptive quirk...

Do Other Diseases Have "Long" Versions?

Adults Biology Health Science
This video was made in partnership with Bill Gates. COVID isn’t the only virus to cause long-lasting symptoms. Other viruses - including the flu - can have similar enduring effects on our tissues and immune systems.