Graduation Song

Kids Education Music
Here is a graduation song for kids.

Opinion Writing - Episode 8

Youth Grammar Writing
The very last step is to edit my writing to fix any mistakes.

A brief history of dumplings - Miranda Brown

Adults Food History Human
Trace the diverse and delicious history of dumplings, from their first recorded origins to their spread across the Asian continent and beyond.

Wagner talks about his experience studying International Trade at the Canadian College

Adults Education Smrt Ad Work
Wagner is a Brazilian student who studied the International Trade Diploma at the Canadian College. He received a FITT Diploma which will help him get a better job in Brasil.

Twisting Trees

Kids Nature World
Learn how to train a tree to grow in a funny shape in this episode of “Nature Boom Time.”

Europa: Ocean World

Youth Science Space
Scientists believe there is an ocean hidden beneath the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa.

The Absurd Search For Dark Matter

Adults Science Space Travel
Astronomers think there should be 5 times as much dark matter as ordinary matter – a shadow universe that makes up most of the mass in the universe.

Smrt taught in Bali, Indonesia to local children for free

Adults Education Smrt Ad
Smrt English is being taught in Bali, Indonesia to local children for free. With 15 laptops we can give 100 Indonesian children an education. If you have any old laptops that you would like to donate to Green School in Bali please let us know. If they are broken we will repair them. Thank you for your support. Contact the Canadian College of English Language for details

How To Draw A Basketball

Kids Art Creativity
Today on Kylee Makes It, learn how to draw a basketball from three different perspectives.

The Grandmas Leading Africa’s Solar Revolution

Youth Environment Women World
A group of grandmothers decided to change that, bringing light to their community by becoming the village’s first solar engineers.

Choosing a Specialization | Crash Course | How to College

Adults Human Life Self
Now that we have a better grasp on chosing majors, let's talk a little about specializations. There's a lot to talk about, from declaring a minor to just taking electives that help you get an edge in the job market.

Sink Or Float?

Kids Education Science
Join Jessi and some new friends for an experiment to see what sinks, and what floats.

How Do Braces Work?

Youth Health Science
Braces are a lot more barbaric - and awesome - than you might think.

How Trash Goes From Garbage Cans to Landfills (Every Step Explained) | WIRED

Adults Cities Economy Industry
Every day New York City picks up 12,000 tons of refuse and recycling. How does all this trash go from the garbage can to its final destination? Former New York City Sanitation Commissioner Ed Grayson is here to explain.

Cool Facts About Snakes, Lizards and Dragons

Kids Animals Nature
There are over 8,000 species of snakes and lizards. Find out some of the secrets behind their scaly skin.

Kingdom Of Plants - An Evolutionary Quirk

Youth Nature Science
David Attenborough takes us through the jade plant and its extraordinary evolutionary quirk.

Meerkat Pups Get Left Behind | Dynasties II | BBC Earth

Adults Animals Film Nature
The inexperience of Maghogho's family has put these meerkat pups in jeopardy. She must act quickly, as she heads back to the island alone to try and find her pups.

Elmo's Song

Kids Music
Sing along to this Sesame Street classic Song.

Opinion Writing - Episode 7

Youth Creativity Writing
I've written a draft to tell my opinion about my favorite book! Now I'm ready to revise, to make it even better.

Surviving a Coyote Ambush | Something Bit Me!

Adults Human Life Nature
In Longmont Colorado Andrew Dickhage is ambushed by a pack of Coyote while walking to work at 4am.

Ksenia speaks about her experience studying Hospitality at the Canadian College

Adults Smrt Ad Smrt Pathway
Ksenia studied Hospitality Management at the Canadian College in 2011. She is now living in Vancouver and working at a local hotel chain as a banquet server.