Warrior Watch: Protecting Kenya's Lions | Explorers in the Field

Animals Life Media
Humans, Climate, and Lions - Oh My: Climate and weather have vast implications for almost all forms of life. Join “Warrior Watch” as Jeneria Lekilelei, a warrior from the Samburu fights to protect lions under the harsh conditions of extreme drought.

Meatballs Alla Norma | Jamie Oliver

Family Film Food
Polenta is a delicious alternative to traditional spaghetti along with juicy meatballs covered in a rich tomato sauce, this one is a real belter!

Will Gas Stations Survive?

History Industry Politics
Although it’s not likely to happen soon, someday gas stations may be replaced by (or turn into) another type of fueling station, because no fuel or mode of transportation is forever.

The greatest mathematician that never lived - Pratik Aghor

History Human Science
Dig into the mystery of Nicolas Bourbaki— one of the most influential mathematicians of all time… who never actually existed.

Ksenia speaks about her experience studying Hospitality at the Canadian College

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Ksenia studied Hospitality Management at the Canadian College in 2011. She is now living in Vancouver and working at a local hotel chain as a banquet server.

Alp speaks about his experience taking Project Management at the Canadian College

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Alp took the Project Management Diploma at the Canadian College. He speaks about how the skills he learned studying in Vancouver helped him when he was working at Zodiac's head office in Vancouver as a Project Manager.

Destruction - Mind Field (Ep 3)

Education Psychology Science
We humans love to build, create, and organize. So why do we also love to destroy things? Can violently breaking stuff really help to calm us down, or does it just make us more angry? In this episode of Mind Field, I take a hard look at our urge to destroy.

Budgie Courtship Ritual | Pets: Wild At Heart | BBC Earth

Animals Nature Psychology
Disco the budgie is back, and this time he's not alone!

How A Window Washer Survived a 47 Story Fall - True Story

Health Human Science
How could a window washer survive an insane 47 story fall?! You will have to watch today's video where we go way up to the 47th floor and find out just what caused a window washer to fall to his death, but somehow, miraculously survive! This story is so crazy, you just need to check it out for yourself!

Warm And Cheesy Garlic Breads • Tasty Recipes

Family Film Food
Warm and cheesy garlic bread recipes that will make your heart and stomach very happy

Weaver Ant Chutney | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

Animals Food Nature
On the morning of his final cook, Gordon learns how to make a special chutney using the weaver ant as a key ingredient.

Banana Bread | Buddy Oliver

Family Film Food
Woohoo! Buddy is back and you guys asked for it so he delivers! Banana Bread is a great thing to do with the kids and uses up all those brown bananas and also it tastes amazing.

If We Aren't Too Late

Future Politics World
This video was made in partnership with Bill Gates. To learn more about his work on clean energy, visit

What do all languages have in common?

Education Grammar Human
Dig into Noam Chomsky’s theory of universal grammar and decide: are there universal grammar rules and are they hardwired into our brains?

Valentina speaks about her experience studying in Vancouver

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Valentina speaks about how she took the Smrt IELTS program at the Canadian College of English Language and how much she loves Vancouver.

Hope for Youth Project - Smrt Scholarship Program

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In 2012 Smrt and the Canadian College of English Language initiated a scholarship program for 50 students who have lost parents, homes, and livelihoods as a result of the tsunami in Japan. The scholarship was for free tuition (courtesy of CCEL) and free accommodation for up to 3 months.

The Best Worst Energy Source

Construction Industry World
Although coal is such an amazing energy source that we've kept using it despite the harm it causes, today we may be better poised to stop using it than at any previous time in history.

What yoga does to your body and brain - Krishna Sudhir

Biology Health Human
Explore the ancient tradition of yoga, and discover how its blend of physical and mental exercise impacts your health.

Conformity - Mind Field (Ep 2)

Education Human Science
We are all unique individuals. We follow the beat of our own drum. We wouldn’t throw our own beliefs out the window just to fit in...or would we?

The Cowboys of Camargue | Relax, Mindfulness, Sleep | BBC Earth

Film Human Media
The Camargue is known for its beautiful white horses, which are considered to be one of the oldest breeds in the world.

What Happens To Nuclear Waste?

History Industry Science
Nuclear waste is an extremely dangerous substance and must be disposed of by professionals, dressed head to toe in safety gear.