Unmixing Color Machine

Media Physics Science
Unmixing Color Machine (Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow)

How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes

Human Psychology Science
Can't fall asleep? These sleep tips are better than ASMR!

The lovable (and lethal) sea lion - Claire Simeone

Animals Media Science
Plunge into the ocean’s depths to take a closer look at the sea lion’s hunting skills, and to learn more about how climate change is affecting its habitat.

You Don’t Want to Live Forever

Biology Human Science
The idea of immortality has long been a prominent fixture in storytelling, and serves as a much sought after goal even here in real life.

8 Tips To Strengthen Parent Involvement With Digital Tools

Teacher Cafe Education Productivity
Technology can be used to power better and more meaningful relationships with parents and families. Here are eight points that specify how digital tools can improve parent engagement.

Surf in English - Canadian College of English Language

Smrt Ad
Study English at the Canadian College of English Language in Vancouver, Canada. For more information contact our team.

Andressa writes about her experience taking Project Management at the Canadian College

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"Friends who had experienced Canada had spoke wonders about the beautiful cities and how people were receptive to international students. I decided to engage myself with professional studies by choosing Project Management as a program to meet my future needs and future career plans. I proved to myself that it is never too late to realize a dream!" Andressa Marquette Da Silva (Project Management)

"Safe Haven"

Art Film Media
Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.

The mysterious science of pain

Biology Health Science
Explore the biological and psychological factors that influence how we experience pain and how our nervous system reactions to harmful stimuli.

Alberto writes about his experience taking IT at the Canadian College

Smrt Ad
"Once you complete the IT program you receive certificates from Cisco, CompTIA and Redhat which help a lot in the job market today. Canadian College gave me great support in finding employment. I could also experience a new style of learning." Alberto (Information Technology)

How Sustainable Plantations Help Save Uganda’s Decimated Forests

History Human Life
Sustainable forestry is helping the country electrify, cutting down on firewood use—and providing livelihoods.

Classic Tarte Tatin

Family Film Food
As part of our 20 Years of Jamie celebrations, we’re bringing you this beautiful, rustic Tarte Tatin that Jamie made on his trip to the French Pyrenees.

What Can The Most Powerful Satellites Really Do?

Science Space Technology
How powerful are satellites up in space right now? What can they do to help us on Earth?

Is the EU Democratic? Does Your Vote Matter?

Human Politics World
Being a citizen of the European Union means that many aspects of our lives are regulated by a weird entity. It feels like a huge bureaucracy is making decisions over our heads. How democratic is the EU really and does your vote actually affect anything?

Can you spot the problem with these headlines?

Business Human Media
Puzzle through a set of hypothetical health studies and headlines and see if you can spot what’s misleading about the headline.

My Video Went Viral. Here's Why

Culture Data Science Human
My hypothesis is that the algorithm, rather than viewer preference, drives views on the site. As the algorithm shifts, various YouTubers experience burnout (as what used to work no longer works) and right now click-through rate is the key metric.

Maidan Square Uprising Students - Smrt Scholarship Program

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15 students who participated in the Maidan Square uprising received scholarships to attend an 8 week English course at the Canadian College of English Language summer 2014.

Ryan's experience studying English in Vancouver, Canada

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Ryan speaks about his experience in Vancouver and how the Smrt program at the Canadian College of English Language helped him to improve his English.

Classroom App Socrative

Teacher Cafe Education Gaming
Your classroom app for fun, effective engagement and on-the-fly assessments. Works on computers, laptops, tablets, and phones.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Culture Human Psychology
The Dunning-Kruger Effect was first described in a 1999 paper by David Dunning and Justin Kruger.

Strawberries & Cream Crepes In 15 Minutes Or Less.

Family Film Food
Celebrate the mom in your life with these creamy, Mother’s Day inspired crepes. They’re as easy as signing up for GEICO, where you could save 15% or more on car insurance.