The Problem With Life Expectancy

Health Human Psychology
In order to truly understand differences among animal lifespans, we need to stop thinking about a specific number and start thinking about a distribution.

How much land does it take to power the world?

Industry Technology World
Explore the sustainability of fossil fuels, nuclear power, and renewable energy and how much space each of these power sources use.

The Ridiculous Way We Used To Calculate Pi

Education History Math
For thousands of years, mathematicians were calculating Pi the obvious but numerically inefficient way. Then Newton came along and changed the game. This video is sponsored by Brilliant.

Illusions of Time

Education Human Psychology
Your brain is a time machine!

What if the World turned to Gold? - The Gold Apocalypse

Education Environment World
The Map of Evolution and other sciency posters, researched and designed with love, are now available on the kurzgesagt shop.

How much electricity does it take to power the world?

Education Technology World
Discover how much electricity humanity uses, and how clean energy sources could help revolutionize our energy supply in the future.

Sticky 5 Spice Ribs | Jamie Oliver

Family Film Food
There's no clean way to eat ribs - so get stuck in. Jamie's Chinese 5 Spice Ribs are an epic weekend feast. Sweet, juicy and absolutely moreish! A real winner!

How Wildfires Generate "Never-Ending" Storms

Ecology Environment Nature
Under the right conditions, wildfires can form clouds and generate firestorms, which last far longer than normal thunderstorms.

How would you finish the sentence, “Imagine if…”? - Sir Ken Robinson

Culture History Human
Share how you would reimagine the world by finishing the sentence “Imagine if…”

Speedy Sausage Pizza | Keep Cooking Family Favourites | Jamie Oliver

Family Film Food
"Fancy trying something new? Jamie's got a new pizza flavour combination to get your taste buds tingling.

Online Friends vs IRL Friends - Which is Better?

Human Psychology Technology
More people are making friends online than ever before due to Covid-19. Are virtual friends better or worse than IRL friends?

Four Reasons Our Brains Suck At Pandemics

Human Nature Psychology
You can read Bill & Melinda Gates' 2021 letter at​ Certain cognitive biases cause humans to make unsafe decisions in a pandemic, making a terrible disease even worse.

Can loud music damage your hearing?

Health Human Music
Dig into the properties of sound to find out just how bad loud music is for your hearing.

Why Robots That Bend Are Better

Education Science Technology
Robots of the future may be softer, squishier and bendier than robots today. This could make them ideal for space exploration. Check out​ for 50% off your first month of any subscription!

Ultimate French Toast | Jamie Oliver

Family Film Food
French toast the Jamie Oliver way. Make it for some one you love, or someone you want to love you.

I Asked Bill Gates What's The Next Crisis?

History Human Life
I got the chance to interview Bill Gates so I asked him: Will Covid-19 be the last pandemic? How does he deal with misinformation and conspiracy theories? And what is the next disaster?

The artist who won a Nobel Prize... in medicine - Melanie E. Peffer

Education History Human
Explore how a scientist and artist discovered how our brains transmit signals throughout the body, and laid the foundation for modern neuroscience.

How Many People Did Nuclear Energy Kill? Nuclear Death Toll

Education Environment History
Nuclear energy creates an uneasy feeling of danger for many people: ancient and dangerous minerals are concentrated to awaken seemingly unnatural powers, creating toxic elements that, if they escape, can and have killed people in horrible ways. How many people has nuclear energy killed and how?

What if every satellite suddenly disappeared? - Moriba Jah

Human Life World
Explore what would happen if all of humanity’s satellites disappeared and the real-life scenarios that could lead to such a catastrophe.

Feathers in Flight: The Bird Genoscape Project | National Geographic

Animals Life Nature
Billions of birds migrate annually across the Western Hemisphere… but if we don’t know where they go when they leave their breeding grounds, how can we protect them?

A brief history of divorce - Rod Phillips

Health History Life
Dig into the complicated history of divorce— from the earliest known divorce laws in ancient Mesopotamia to modern day.