Objectives & Sequence: This lesson is intended to be used as a review of Grammar 1-2.

Intro Student 1 Student 2

Students work in pairs and open the corresponding pages below.

On each page, students are presented with sentences. These sentences are intended to be answers for questions. One at a time, students read the answers to their partners, and the partner must try to guess the question.

On Student One's page:

  • Answer: John called me at night.
    • Question: Who called you at night?

John called me at night.

Hmmm... When did John call?

No, keep guessing!

Who called you at night?

That's it! Good job!

Students switch roles.

  • Susan got a speeding ticket.
    • Who got a speeding ticket?
  • We drove around Hawaii on vacation.
    • Where did you drive around (on vacation)?
  • Chris is from Australia.
    • Who is from Australia?
  • She is drifting on the track.
    • Where is she drifting?
  • She gets to school by bus.
    • How does she get to school?
  • I woke up at 6:30 AM.
    • What time did you wake up?
  • My brother helped me change my oil.
    • Who helped you (change your oil)?
  • My father gave me the money.
    • Who gave you the money?
  • He can speak Spanish and English.
    • Which / what languages can he speak?
  • The airbag costs $200.
    • How much does the airbag cost?
  • My friend told me the news.
    • Who told you the news?
  • My teacher has brown hair.
    • What color hair does your teacher have?
  • The driver closed the car door.
    • Who closed the car door?
  • Pedro stole the tires.
    • What did Pedro steal?
  • I went to bed at 10 PM.
    • What time did you go to bed?
  • She's talking on the phone while driving.
    • What is she doing (while driving)?
  • My friend is going to change her radiator.
    • Who is going to change her radiator?
  • I live in California.
    • Where do you live?
  • The students will drive home later.
    • When will the students drive home?
  • I painted the motorcycle.
    • Who painted the motorcycle?