Do you know what a cave is?

There are caves all around Earth. Caves are hollow places in the ground. Some caves are very big.

These caves are big enough for people to walk in. Some caves are very small.

It is hard for people to explore these caves. There are even caves under water.

You need special gear to explore these underwater caves. In a cave, it is dark.

Not much sunlight can get into a cave. If a cave is very big, it can get very, very dark! To explore a cave, you need to bring lights to help you see.

You also need to bring ropes and hooks.

It can be hard to explore a cave. Some people like to dive into caves. It can be scary and dangerous to dive into caves!

Some caves are so deep that you have to fall for a long time to reach the bottom. Would you want to go cave diving?

Some caves can be very beautiful. Look at this cave. It is called the Carlsbad Cavern. It is in the USA. It is so big that it has many different rooms. This room is called the Chandelier Ballroom. Why do you think this room is called the Chandelier Ballroom?

Look at this cave. It is called Fingal's Cave. It is in Scotland. This cave is special because of the formation of the rocks. Why do you think they look so strange?

Look at this cave. It is called the Cave of Crystals. It is in Mexico. This cave has enormous crystals inside. Do you see how small the explorers look compared to the giant crystals?

Look at this cave. It is called the Glowworm Cave. It is in New Zealand. This cave is famous for the glowing worms that live there. The glowworms make a light that makes this cave beautiful!

Look at this cave. It is called the Kverkfjoll Ice Cave. It is in Iceland. This cave is not a rock cave. It is made of ice! Caves can be beautiful. What caves are near your home?