Do you know what a mole is?

A mole is an animal that lives underground.

Moles are small animals. Sometimes, they are mistaken for squirrels, but they are not!

They are famous for doing what they do best: digging!

Moles are expert diggers. Some moles can dig up to six metres in one hour! Moles dig underground to make long tunnels.

They also dig to make their underground homes. Moles are great diggers because their bodies are perfect for digging. Look at this mole's paws.

Moles have curved paws with long claws. They use their paws like shovels!

Their paws help them dig quickly in the dirt. Moles do not have good eyesight. Because they spend most of their time underground, they do not need to see very well.

Their eyes are tiny and hard to find! They are usually covered in fur. But moles have a great sense of smell!

They use their sense of smell to find their way around. What is a mole's favourite snack? Earthworms! Moles love to eat earthworms.

Because earthworks also live underground, it is easy for moles to find them. Do you know how a mole catches its food? Many moles have poison!

When it sees its prey, the mole opens its mouth. The mole catches the prey in its mouth. The saliva in the mole's mouth has poison.

It paralyzes the prey so that it cannot move! Most of the time, moles take their food through the tunnels.

They hide their food so that they can eat them later. Unlike other animals, moles do not hibernate. They work all year long!

There are many different kinds of moles in the world. Look at this mole. It is a special mole. It is called the star-nosed mole! How do you think this mole got its name?