Do you know what an earthworm is?

An earthworm is an animal.

Many people simple call earthworms worms. Have you ever seen a worm before? Worms live in the soil.

Some people don't like worms. They think that worms are slimy and scary.

But worms are amazing animals! Worms are important for our soil and our gardens.

Did you know: There are more than 6,000 types of worms in the world! What kinds of worms live near your home? Worms like to live in healthy soil.

If the soil in your garden or farm is healthy, there will be many worms in it. Do you know how many worms live on a farm?

If a farm has healthy, good soil, there can be almost 2 million worms in every acre of land! That means that if you weighed all the worms on a farm...they would weigh more than all the other animals on the farm put together!

Worms are great gardeners. They build tunnels under the soil.

As they move through the tunnels, they push air around. This helps make the soil fresh and full of nutrients. If you are trying to grow vegetables and fruits, you should say thank you to the worms for keeping your soil healthy!

Worms are also great cleaners. Worms like to eat dead things.

They will take dead animals and plants underground and eat them. This helps keep the soil clean and adds nutrients into the soil. If you are trying to grow plants, you should say thank you to the worms for keeping your soil clean!

Did you know: The biggest earthworm ever was almost 7 metres long! Earthworms are strong animals. Their bodies help them live underground.

Earthworms need to breathe, but they have no lungs. How do they breathe? They breathe through their skin!

Earthworms need to see, but they have no eyes. How do they see? They can sense light! They use this sense to help them avoid the light. Did you know: If an earthworm loses part of its body, it can grow it back! That would be like if you lost your arm and could grow back a new arm. No wonder worms are so strong! Worms are amazing animals, and great friends to gardeners and farmers!