We're Probably Going to Cure MS

Adults Health History Science
You've probably heard of multiple sclerosis, especially if you're a fan of The West Wing. But can we ever cure MS? Yes. But also, no. But also, probably? It's complicated.

How humanity got hooked on coffee - Jonathan Morris

Adults Food History Human
Trace the history of coffee, from its first known origins to its rise in popularity due to trade routes and cultivation.

Why Do All YouTube Videos Look Alike?

Adults Creativity Education Media
Many crustaceans from all sorts of starting points evolve to end up looking similar, likely due to outside pressures. That’s sort of like what happens with YouTube videos.

Wagner talks about his experience studying International Trade at the Canadian College

Adults Education Smrt Ad Work
Wagner is a Brazilian student who studied the International Trade Diploma at the Canadian College. He received a FITT Diploma which will help him get a better job in Brasil.

The Paradox of an Infinite Universe

Adults Education Science Space
What is outside of the universe? We know that the universe had a beginning 14 billion years ago and that it has been expanding ever since.

Inside the Illegal Ape Trade | Trafficked: Underworlds with Mariana van Zeller

Adults Animals Life Nature
Mariana van Zeller follows the ruthless and heartbreaking business of the illegal trade of wild apes. But amidst the darkness, she encounters a beacon of hope – Congolese activists fighting tirelessly to protect these apes from vanishing forever.

Frozen Fish Pie | Keep Cooking & Carry On | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
This is my version of a fish pie. It's delicious and thrifty and I'm heroing most of the ingredients from the freezer. It's so good, you have to try it!

3 Mysteries of the Universe

Adults Education Science Space
We're still in the dark about what 95 percent of our universe is made of — and the standard model for understanding particle physics has hit a limit.

Smrt taught in Bali, Indonesia to local children for free

Adults Education Smrt Ad
Smrt English is being taught in Bali, Indonesia to local children for free. With 15 laptops we can give 100 Indonesian children an education. If you have any old laptops that you would like to donate to Green School in Bali please let us know. If they are broken we will repair them. Thank you for your support. Contact the Canadian College of English Language for details

The Oldest Unsolved Problem in Math

Adults History Human Math
Do odd perfect numbers exist?

Ksenia speaks about her experience studying Hospitality at the Canadian College

Adults Smrt Ad Smrt Pathway
Ksenia studied Hospitality Management at the Canadian College in 2011. She is now living in Vancouver and working at a local hotel chain as a banquet server.

What Happens AFTER Nuclear War?

Adults Education Science World
This video was made possible through a grant by Open Philanthropy.

Hyena Clan Attacks Baby Elephant | Savanna Queens | National Geographic

Adults Animals Life Nature
The Elephant herd fights with the hyena clan before they can take baby Binti as a midnight snack.

Delicious Store-cupboard Chilli | Keep Cooking & Carry On | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
Who doesn't love a good chilli recipe? This is my store-cupboard chilli, working around what you've got in your cupboards to mix-and-match for ultimate flavour!

The Trillion Dollar Equation

Adults Math Physics Science
The most famous equation in finance, the Black-Scholes/Merton equation, came from physics.

Liliane's Experience Working and Studying in Canada

Adults Smrt Ad Smrt Pathway
Liliane speaks about her experience at Canadian College of English Language and her plan to study the International Trade Diploma at the Canadian College.

Primitive Technology: One-Way Blower Iron Smelt & Forging Experiment

Adults Construction Creativity Nature
I tested the one-way spinning blower in an iron smelt and it is more effective than the previous both way spinning blower.

The Unique Bond Between Humans and Dogs | Wonderful World of Puppies | BBC Earth

Adults Animals Human Relationships
Newborn puppies express their emotions through various tummy grunts and whines, creating a unique bond with their owner.

How This Guy Runs a 5 and a Half Minute Mile...Backwards | WIRED

Adults Creativity Human Life
Ever tried running backwards? Meet Aaron Yoder, one of the world's fastest backward runners who can complete a reverse mile in five and a half minutes.

Smrt English for Young Learners

Adults Smrt Ad
smrt English and Little Mountain Learning Academy have developed a curriculum for young learners. This material is appropriate for all age groups including students in Kindergarden, Elementary School and High School. The material uses themes and topics that are specifically designed to keep younger students interested and motivated to learn the English Language.

Why Are All Humans Unique? Meiosis: Crash Course Biology

Adults Biology Human Science
Ever wonder why we aren’t exact clones of our parents, or why siblings aren’t exactly alike? The reason traces back to meiosis. In this episode of Crash Course Biology, we’ll discover how egg and sperm cells get made and learn why you’re a totally unique remix of your parents’ DNA.