New UFO "Evidence" vs. SCIENCE

Adults Culture Media Politics
Are we alone? Have aliens visited Earth? An age-old question that has been reignited by recent declassified UFO/UAP footage and intriguing ‘whistleblower’ congressional hearings.

How to overcome your mistakes

Adults Human Psychology Self
Explore what prevents us from learning from our failures, and how to become more resilient through cultivating a growth mindset.

Eclipses Used To Be Terrifying

Adults Life Science
Because eclipses are powerful and frightening events, ancient cultures went to great lengths to understand eclipses, leading to remarkably accurate predictions and helping invent the science of astronomy.

Why Korea is Dying Out

Adults History Human Science
Every two years one million Japanese disappear, China’s population will halve by the end of the century, the median age in Italy has reached 48. All around the world birth rates are crashing – Is humanity dying out? What is going on and how bad is it?

Animals Up Close

Adults Animals Media Nature
In Animals Up Close, wildlife filmmaker Bertie Gregory travels the world braving extreme environments to reveal the wonders of wildlife in even the most remote of locations. 219 days in the field posed no shortage of challenges for him and his team, but the often unpredictable conditions led to some incredible once-in-a-lifetime animal experiences.

Sticky Miso Chicken Traybake | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
I've teamed up with Tesco to bring you some deliciously healthy recipes that are great value too.

How One Line in the Oldest Math Text Hinted at Hidden Universes

Adults Education History Human
A huge thank you to Prof. Geraint Lewis and Dr. Ashmeet Singh for helping us understand the applications of Non-Euclidean geometry in astronomy/cosmology.

Primitive Technology: Brick and Charcoal Production

Adults Construction Creativity Education
In this video I use the thatched hut to fire bricks and make charcoal in for the first time.

Hitchhiking Crab Finds Love | Planet Earth III | BBC Earth

Adults Animals Life Nature
After being carried away by ocean currents, this Columbus crab is marooned on a temporary home of discarded fishing nets. But, an opportunity is coming his way, if only he is brave enough to take it.

Astronaut Tells The Story Behind Iconic Space Photos | WIRED

Adults Education History Space
ESA Astronaut Tim Peake visits WIRED to have a look back at pivotal moments in the history of human space flight, captured in 8 unforgettable photographs.

How Did Life Begin? (Evolutionary History): Crash Course Biology #16

Adults Education Science Self
Humans may have been around for a long time, but life has existed for way longer. In this episode of Crash Course Biology, we’ll journey through deep time to uncover the history of life on Earth.

Why the Smell of Steak matters more than its Color.

Adults Film Food Media
Why the Smell of Steak matters more than its Color.

Brian Cox on how black holes could unlock the mysteries of our universe

Adults Education Physics Science
When black holes disappear, what happens to the stuff that fell in? Physicist Brian Cox explains.

The Truth About Space Combat

Adults Education Physics Science
George Lucas and the release of Star Wars in the 1970s unintentionally set a precedent for how almost every single piece of sci-fi media would depict space combat.

The Woman Who Saved the World

Adults History Life Science
On her way to winning the 2023 Nobel Prize for her pioneering work on mRNA vaccines, Katalin Karikó lived a life made for the big screen.

The dark history of werewolves - Craig Thomson

Adults History Writing
Explore how werewolves have evolved in folklore, literature, and pop culture throughout history, and where these stories originated.

Why Did It Take Us So Long?

Adults Life Nature Science
We've long known that animal pollination is an important way plants reproduce on land, but we're only JUST finding out animals also pollinate plants underwater.

Ancient Life as Old as the Universe

Adults Education Nature Science
Life has existed on one planet for about 4 billion years, for all we know. But it might have started right after the Big Bang, when the universe was much stranger and more fantastic than today.

How a young Bill Clinton made waves during his presidential campaign | Rewind the '90s

Adults History Politics World
New to the scene, here's how "Clinton's War Room" revolutionized media management in politics.

Houmous & Green Flatbreads | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
I've teamed up with Tesco to bring you some deliciously healthy recipes that are also great value. You're going to love my Houmous & green flatbreads.

How to Make Learning as Addictive as Social Media | Luis Von Ahn | TED

Adults Education Human Technology
When technologist Luis von Ahn was building the popular language-learning platform Duolingo, he faced a big problem: Could an app designed to teach you something ever compete with addictive platforms like Instagram and TikTok?