Move To The Words: On & Off

Kids Movement Music Vocabulary
Follow along with Jack as he acts out the words on and off with several illustrations for each directional word.

A Little Spot Learns Kind Words

Kids Books Health Reading
This book helps children learn how to use kind words when communicating with others.

What Is The Harvest Festival?

Kids History World
Learn a little about the Harvest Festival and how you can participate.

What On Earth Is A Platypus?

Kids Animals Science
Join Jessi and Squeaks to learn about how amazing platypuses really are.

How To Draw: Saturn

Kids Art Creativity How-to Space
See how to draw the planet Saturn and how to write out the letters!

Old MacDonald Had A Zoo

Kids Fun Movement Music
Listen to the Kiboomers sing and learn about the animals in the familiar old MacDonald had a Farm song, except it's a zoo!

Vitamins & Minerals

Kids Facts Science
What exactly are vitamins and minerals? Let's find out!

Deaf Puppy Knows Sign Language

Kids Animals Language Pets
Jasmyne the dog communicates via sign language. How does she do that?

How To Draw: Pomeranian Puppy

Kids Art Creativity How-to
In today's video, join Olivia and I as we walk you through the steps to draw an adorable Pomeranian puppy.

Let's Have Fall Fun

Kids Fun Music
Let's Have Fall Fun by Jack Hartmann highlights the many fun things about fall.

Gratitude Is Your Super Power

Kids Books Listening Reading Wellness
A wonderful book for teachers and parents encouraging children to practice compassion, positive thinking and gratitude through various scenarios.

How To Make A Zine

Kids Art Design How-to
Is it a book? Is it a magazine? No it's a zine! But what actually IS a zine?

Molly The Mini Donkey

Kids Animals Nature
Molly the mini donkey is a menace! She just loves to cause chaos around the farm.

How To Draw: Frankenstein Bunny

Kids Art Creativity How-to
We're learning how to draw a Frankenstein bunny!

We're Going To The Pumpkin Patch

Kids Fun Music
It's fall! Let's pick a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch!

Creepy Crayons

Kids Books Listening Reading
Join Jasper the rabbit as he encounters a spooky crayon.

How To Pick The Perfect Berries

Kids Food How-to Nature
If you go out walking on country paths right now chances are it won't be long until you spot some blackberries.

Fig The Tortoise

Kids Animals Nature
Fig the tortoise has a big day ahead of him.

How To Draw: Skeleton Pumpkin Head

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Today, Jack and I are learning how to draw a skeleton with a pumpkin head.

Counting Up To 20

Kids Fun Math Music
Counting is easy and fun with the Roundabouts and their bug friends.

Our Moon Festival

Kids Books Culture Listening Reading
A book highlighting the Moon Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival.