CBeebies Bedtime Stories: The Music In Me

Kids Books Reading
Have you ever stopped to think about all the different kinds of music that make you?

Kylee Makes Rainbow Slime!

Kids Creativity Experiments How-to Science
Kylee creates a Rainbow Slime Waterfall, and then experiments to figure out how to get slime INSIDE a balloon!

Dino Road Trip

Kids History Science World
Join dinosaur pals Ali the Ankylosaurus and Sean the Iguanodon as they time travel on a Dino Road Trip!

How To Draw: A Funny Blueberry

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Today, we're showing you how to draw a funny cartoon blueberry!

Body Parts Dance Song

Kids Fun Music
Sing along and learn body parts with The Kiboomers Simon Says Body Parts song.

It's Time To Visit The Optician

Kids Family Health
JoJo and Gran Gran take a trip to have JoJo’s eyes tested at the opticians.

DIY Coin Battery

Kids Experiments How-to Science
Little ones will be amazed to see an LED light up using simple items, and older kids can take part in setting up the experiment themselves!

Best Animal Friends: IHOP And Waffles

Kids Animals Relationships
IHOP, a two-legged pup, makes friends with Waffles, a big Great Dane!

How To Draw: Rapunzel's Tower

Kids Art Creativity How-to
This enchanting art lesson is perfect for all our fairy tale lovers out there.

Can You Imagine?

Kids Fun Music
Laugh and sing while creating funny combinations of animals, activities, and places.

Dodos Are Not Extinct

Kids Books Reading
This book shares facts about endangered and extinct animals in a fun and creative story to help children learn.

Cool Tissue Wiggly Worm Experiment

Kids Experiments Music Science
Bring a cherished nursery rhyme to life by introducing simple science to your little ones.

Best Animal Friends: Mila And Turbo Roo

Kids Animals Relationships
This kitten's best friend showed her how to swim!

Meet The Artist: Abbas Zahedi

Kids Art History
Meet Abbas Zahedi and find out all about his journey to becoming an artist.

Sing With Elmo And Friends

Kids Fun Music
Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Ernie are singing along to classic Sesame Street songs such as “Sing After Me,” “What's the Name of That Song,” and “Sing!”

Everybody In The Red Brick Building

Kids Books Reading
Anne Wynter reads her debut book which is a fresh, urban take on bedtime stories.

How Do Great Lakes Form?

Kids History Science
Mister Brown is moving away to Wisconsin and wants to teach everyone about the place he's moving to and all the amazing glacial lakes he'll be living near!

Henry The Stick-Loving Dog

Kids Animals Relationships
Sir Henry’s dreams have come true as he's found the most perfect stick in the world!

How To Draw: Space Kitten

Kids Art Creativity How-to
In this fun new lesson, we're teaching you how to draw an adorable space kitten astronaut.

The Cat Came Back

Kids Fun Music
Brilliant rendition of the classic song by the great Chris and his Magical Melodies.

I Choose To Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Kids Books Reading
This book discusses the importance of reducing waste, reusing items and recycling in order to keep our planet clean.